Cover for Studies in Critical Thinking
Volume 8
Studies in Critical Thinking
J. Anthony Blair; Derek Allen, Sharon Bailin, Ashley Barnett, Mark Battersby, Yiwen Dai, Martin Davies, Robert H. Ennis, Alec Fisher, Tim van Gelder, G.C. Goddu, Dale Hample, David Hitchcock, Beth Innocenti, Sally Jackson, Justine Kingsbury, Jan Albert van Laar, Michael Scriven, Christopher W. Tindale, Douglas Walton, John Woods, Tracy Bowell
March 27, 2019
Cover for Live a Great Story: Selected Writings From Creative Nonfiction (Fall 2018) Live a Great Story: Selected Writings From Creative Nonfiction (Fall 2018)
Heidi Jacobs; Dale Jacobs; KC Santo, Sarah Grenier, Alana Natis, Andrew Whitmarsh
January 28, 2019

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