David Jones Unabridged: The online version of David Jones Engraver, Soldier, Painter, Poet


Thomas Dilworth
University of Windsor


This is a comprehensive biography of David Jones (1895-1974). It is an extension of David Jones Engraver, Soldier, Painter, Poet, which was promised in that book. The present text is a slight revisin of the final uncut transcript of the book, which, for in-print-publication, had to be halved and then reduced a further 350 pages. Over three times longer than the Cape book (as I call it), the present version provides more biographical detail, more illustrations, and fuller content, including more information about people in Jone's life. It contains richer analysis of his visual art and of his poetry, from which it quotes. And it quotes more extensively from his manuscripts and letters. For some, this unabridged version will serve as a David Jones database, but it is a biography, not an archive. The many illustrations make its chapters digitally immense. Consequently, its 1420 pages must be viewed -- and therefore, can only be digitally searched. And whomever finds this long version available, interesting, or enjoyable may wish to more comfortably read the Cape book. 

A photograph of the young David Jones in 1926, in black and white



October 27, 2021 — Updated on November 1, 2021