Deliberative Rhetoric: Arguing about Doing


Christian Kock
University of Copenhagen


Christian Kock’s essays show the essential interconnectedness of practical reasoning, rhetoric and deliberative democracy. They constitute a unique contribution to argumentation theory that draws on – and criticizes – the work of philosophers, rhetoricians, political scientists and other argumentation theorists. It puts rhetoric in the service of modern democracies by drawing attention to the obligations of politicians to articulate arguments and objections that citizens can weigh against each other in their deliberations about possible courses of action.

Author Biography

Christian Kock, University of Copenhagen

Christian Kock is Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen since 1997. He has published extensively in Danish and English on argumentation, political discourse and debate, the history of rhetoric, writing pedagogy and the aesthetics of literature and music. With Lisa Villadsen, he has advanced the notion of rhetorical citizenship.

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February 27, 2018

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