Rigour and Reason : Essays in Honour of Hans Vilhelm Hansen


J. Anthony Blair (ed)
Christopher W. Tindale (ed)


Built in the centre of Copenhagen, and noted for its equestrian stairway, the Rundetaarn (Round Tower), was intended as an astronomical observatory. Part of a complex of buildings that once included a university library, it affords expansive views of the city in every direction, towering above what surrounds it. The metaphor of the towering figure, who sees what others might not, whose vantage point allows him to visualize how things fit together, and who has an earned-stature of respect and authority, fits another Danish stalwart, Hans Vilhelm Hansen, whose contributions to the fields of informal logic and argument theory have earned the gratitude of his colleagues, and inspired this collection of essays, written to express the appreciation of its authors and of the many, many colleagues they represent.


  • Aristotle's Conception of a Fallacy
    David Hitchcock
  • Mill and the Duty to Argue
    Daniel H. Cohen
  • Russell and Aristotle on First Principles
    A Surprising Concurrence
    John Woods
  • Opposition and Polarization
    Trudy Govier
  • Norms of Advocacy
    Jean Goodwin
  • Justification in Ethics
    Derek Allen
  • Just Following the Rules
    Collapse/Incoherence Problems in Ethics, Epistemology, and Argumentation Theory
    Patrick Bondy
  • Flew on the Presumption of Atheism and His Case for Deism
    A Perspective from Argumentation Theory
    James B. Freeman
  • How to Define An Informal Logic
    Leo Groarke
  • Argumentation Schemes and Audiences
    What Rhetoric Can Bring to Scheme Theory
    Christopher W. Tindale
  • The Straw Man and its Baby Semantics
    Marcin Lewiński
  • Hansen on the Structure of Balance-of-Considerations Arguments
    Yun Xie
  • Christian Kock’s Attack on Sufficiency
    J. Anthony Blair
  • Tools for Teaching and Learning Basic Argumentation Skills
    Douglas Walton
  • Mill’s Defense of a Rawlsian Conception of Social Justice
    Bruce Russell
  • Rhetorical Analysis of Aesthetic Power – in Music and Oratory
    Christian Kock


June 4, 2020


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