•  Reasonable Responses: The Thought of Trudy Govier

    Reasonable Responses: The Thought of Trudy Govier


    This tribute to the breadth and influence of Trudy Govier’s philosophical work begins with her early scholarship in argumentation theory, paying special attention to its pedagogical expression. Most people first encounter Trudy Govier’s work and many people only encounter it through her textbooks, especially A Practical Study of Argument, published in many editions. In addition to the work on argumentation that has continued throughout her career, much of Govier’s later work addresses social philosophy and the problems of trust and response to moral wrongs. The introduction by Catherine

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  •  Dialogues in Argumentation

    Dialogues in Argumentation


    WINDSOR STUDIES IN ARGUMENTATION is pleased to announce the publication of the third volume in its series on argumentation. WSIA's Volume 3 is Dialogues in Argumentation, edited by Ron Von Burg, Wake Forest University. This volume focuses on dialogue and argumentation in contexts which are marked by truculence and discord. The contributors include well known argumentation scholars who discuss the issues this raises from the point of view of a variety of disciplines and points of view. The authors seek to address theoretically challenging issues in a way that is relevant to both the

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Cover for  What Do We Know About the World? Rhetorical and Argumentative Perspectives
Volume 1
What Do We Know About the World? Rhetorical and Argumentative Perspectives
Gabrijela Kišiček, Igor Ž. Žagar (Volume editor)
October 3, 2013
Cover for  Dialogues in Argumentation
Volume 3
Dialogues in Argumentation
Ron Von Burg (Volume editor)
November 3, 2016
Cover for  Reasonable Responses: The Thought of Trudy Govier
Volume 4
Reasonable Responses: The Thought of Trudy Govier
Catherine E. Hundleby (Volume editor); Takuzo Konishi, Moira Kloster, Laura Elizabeth Pinto, Linda Radzik, Alice Maclachlan, Alistair Little, Wilhelm Verwoerd, Kathryn J. Norlock, Trudy Govier (Chapter Author)
January 17, 2017


The Rise of Informal Logic


The Rise of Informal Logic was first published in print by Vale Press but has now been converted into an electronic edition for WSIA and is available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats with minor corrections. WSIA has decided to make this the second volume in its series to make a compelling account of the formation of informal logic as a discipline available to a broad audience.

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